Now In Stock! Quick Sling

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Now In Stock!  Quick Sling

We are now stocking Quick Sling mini split stands and unit heater swivel hangers.

Most mini split condensers are installed using a wall bracket.  However, sometimes there may not be an available spot, or the only spot is on a bedroom, or living room wall and vibration noise is a concern.  In this situation a Quick Sling stand may be the solution.

Quick Sling invents and manufactures HVAC accessories right in Massachussets.

Below is a list of what we currently stock.  Click on the links for more info.

QSMS1804 mini split stand

QSMS1203 double stack mini split stand

QSWI3000 Quick Swivel gas unit heater hanger

QSWI4000 Quick Swivel hydronic unit heater hanger

QSLG1000 Quick-Sling furnace or airhandler hanger

Quick Sling compatibility chart with Fujitsu products

We also stock a 24″x36″ plastic pad that the mini split stand fits on perfectly.





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